High Performance
Database Consulting

  • Build, repair and optimize complex databases
  • Work directly with a top-tier database expert

Started MIT at 16; Degree in MIS

Over 25 years experience

Consultant & Entrepreneur

SQL Server Expert

Build cloud data warehouses

Create ad-hoc teams as needed

Full resume on request

About Me

I began my database engineering career with a bachelor’s degree from MIT in Management Information Systems (database theory).

I then worked at Goldman Sachs and various other Wall Street firms for many years doing various kinds of database consulting, usually with Microsoft SQL Server. I supported the bond trading desk at Bank of America, optimizing their database code by orders of magnitude.

For 6 years I served as the Senior Database Architect for White Mountains Re, a $7 billion international reinsurance firm. I developed catastrophe modeling and portfolio optimization tools that were critical for running their business.

My entrepreneurial ventures include The PhoneDroid, a full-featured voice response system with its own programming language, as well as TaxTrim.com, a database-intensive website that helps homeowners lower their property taxes (it currently has data on over 2 million homes).

In the last few years, I have continued my consulting work, building cloud data warehouses (for the National Suicide Hotline, among others), doing data migrations and performance optimization, and, with my larger team, building database intensive websites.

More Clients

Client How I helped
A large national non-profit
Built cloud data warehouse for donations & donors, migrating Salesforce data into AWS Redshift
A Midwest manufacturing firm
Converted a 30-year old Access database to SQL Server with complex restructuring of primary production systems
A company doing wind mitigation efforts on buildings in Florida
Hired and led a team of 10 people to help me develop a database-intensive website for operations tracking
Astor Services (a non-profit center for children’s mental health)
Found a way to extract data from a purposely obscured vendor database
Advanced Network & Services (ran the internet backbone)
Wrote utility code in C/Unix/TCPIP to measure internet flow capacity
Pinnacle Software (my own company)
Built a commercial voice response product from the ground up in C/Unix with its own interpreted language
New York State Department of Parks & Recreation
Redesigned their financial databases
A healthcare company
Created a database system for finding possible insurance underpayments
Albany Medical Center (large hospital)
Analyzed hundreds of vendor tables with no documentation and pieced together what data was where
New York Philharmonic
Wrote SQL code to flatten hierarchical data
Yamaha Music
Designed database schemas
A marketing firm
Wrote complex stored procedures using Sybase to preprocess data for export to SAP
Another marketing firm
Reworked a complex stored procedure batch job to use joins instead of cursors, reducing run time from hours to minutes
Yet another marketing firm
Maximized insert and update performance for a high-volume OLTP database
A small consulting firm
Wrote process control software for a satellite earth station
SUNY New Paltz
Tutored college students in programming when I was 15